In Memoriam

The American Dahlia Society is indebted to countless people across the dahlia world. Many have been leaders in their regions and local clubs, and have contributed greatly to the propagation and promotion of our favorite flower. They have had tremendous impact and outreach as mentors and friends. We would like to pay tribute to those who have passed on by linking memorial obituaries and tributes to this page. To request a link be placed on this page, please contact .

To read about a specific person, please click on the appropriate link below. You will be directed to a post, pdf document, or linked to an obituary.


Rest in peace, dahlia friends

Dave Cap, April 2, 2022

Carroll McAllister, February 25, 2022

Don McAllister, July 31, 2021

Norma Jane (Ehret) Boyer, April 25, 2021

John Menzel, April 10, 2021

Danielle Parshall, July 15, 2020

Les Connell, July 3, 2020

Dawn Anselmo, April 10, 2020

Rosemary Zatkovich, April 16, 2019

E. H. “Ted” Collins, MBE  August 2019

Frank Campise 5/27/2019

Roger G. Adams Sr  5/24/2019

Hank Solterman 12/5/2018

Marilyn Masurat December 2018

John Thiermann 8/19/2018

Charles Breed 6/30/2018

Bill McClaren 3/13/2018

Nancy Moore 4/30/2018

John Armstrong 1/28/2018

John Frater 11/14/2017

Myrtle Bloomfield 10/21/2017

Maggie Nordstrom 9/25/2017

Michael Canning 5/14/2017

Jerry Lohmann 6/18/2017

Walter “Walt” S Taylor, Jr. 5/16/2017

Robert “Bob” Moynahan 5/19/17

Paul E. Mohr 3/30/17

Clare (Clarence) Bugman 2/24/2017

Dorothy Jones 2017

Norm Anselmo 1/13/2017

George Harding 1/5/2017

Marge Gitts 5/17/2016

Bill Kempster 3/1/2016

Ron Wilkes 2016

Betty Burton 12/5/2015

Myrt DeRooy 10/3/2015

Elsie Tittle 9/6/2015

Arthur Kieffer 6/29/2015

Louis Eckhoff 5/23/2015

Steve Nowotarski 1/13/2015

Louis LaPlante 9/13/2014

Grace Rushton 5/2/2014

Jean Knutson 4/29/2014

Jean Marie Leroux 1/24/2014

Gaillard Simmons Anderson 12/20/2013

Norm Hines 5/20/2013

Walt Wynne 2/16/2012

Eugene Boeke 9/29/2012