Dr. Edward John Johnson passes away 11/16/2022

Notice to all that knew Dr. Ed, dahlia doc and many more fond nick names:

It was with great sadness that we learned of his passing during the late days of Covid when keeping a distance was still in place and enforced.

Ed had a lengthy illness of Alzheimers disease and was unable to communicate verbally for the past several months before he peacefully passed away in his sleep.

I first remember him bringing large bouquets of dahlias into the cafeteria of the hospital where he worked as well as myself. People were always impressed with the flowers of their many sizes, shapes, and vibrant colors.

When we would travel to dahlia shows, in the hotel, he was the one telling the jokes and creating social times with old and new dahlia growers that we met.  He was always willing to teach and share his experiences of dahlias with those as keen as he was.

We are missing him as are the dahlia communities that had the opportunity to meet and know him.

Gone but never forgotten!


Submitted by Judy Stephens, Nanaimo Glad and Dahlia Society