Shows Overview

Local Shows

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The American Dahlia Society (ADS) is comprised of over 70 local societies throughout the US and Canada. Most of these societies have at least one flower show or exhibition in late summer or early fall.


Conference/Federation Shows

Most of the local societies belong to a geographical conference or federation. These conferences and federations often have regional group shows, to which members of their affiliated societies bring blooms. The location may vary year to year. These are large and beautiful shows. Don’t miss one, if it is in your neighborhood. Details.


National Shows

The ADS also sponsors a national show each year. The location varies. Details.


Notes to ADS Reps:

If you have information to add to the Conference/Federation or National Show schedules, please email the information to:

ADS Reps will be sent instructions (each spring)  for submitting their local show(s) information.  Info must be submitted per the instructions sent to them and in the time frame specified.