Virus Documentation Index

Looking through a window at a garden that is home to plants suspected of virus. It is positioned away from other gardens and allows its owner to observe and test its inhabitants.



2023 Documentation

Zoom MeetingLinkMarch '23view
Clean Stock Offensivepdf of slides from meeting 3/4/2023March '23view
Our Dahlia Viruses are Evolving!ArticleJanuary '23ADS Bulletinview


2022 Documentation

Progress in the Study of Virus in DahliaArticleMarch '22ADS Bulletinview
Virus Update 2022
(presented to Kitsap Dahlia Society)
June '22via Zoomview
VIrus-Free Stock for Your GardenArticleJune '22ADS Bulletinview


2021 Documentation

Virus Update 2020ArticleMarch '21ADS Bulletinview
The Virus Free GardenArticleSeptember '21ADS Bulletinview


2020 Documentation

Clean Stock ArticleMarch '20ADS Bulletinview
Prescription for Dahlia Gardens
Free from Virus
ArticleJune '20ADS Bulletin
Dahlia Mosaic Virus: A Pictorial Guide to Symptoms and DiagnosisPresentationRe-postview
Dahlia Virus UpdateArticleSeptember '20ADS Bulletinview


2019 Documentation

DSO 30 - Virus 0ArticleDec '19ADS Bulletinview
Virus Project UpdateArticleSep '19ADS Bulletinview
Update on Tissue Culture TestArticleSep '19ADS Bulletinview
Virus Testing 2019ArticleJune '19ADS Bulletinview
Virus Results - 2018ArticleMar ' 19ADS Bulletinview
Integrated Pest ManagementArticleMar '19ADS Web Site Documentview
The Little Dahlia that Could!ArticleMar '19ADS Bulletinview
Thrips ControlArticleMar '19ADS Bulletinview
Virus in Dahlia -
Be Part of the Solution
BrochureFeb '19ADSview


2018 Documentation

Virus in Dahlias -
Become part of the Solution
ArticleDec '18ADS Bulletinview
Greetings from the Dahlia Resource CenterArticleDec '18ADS Bulletinview
Virus Research Status UpdatePresentationSep '18ADS National Showview
Hide & Seek Virus TestingArticleJun '18ADS Bulletinview
Dahlia Testing - 2018 PlanArticleJun '18ADS Bulletinview
30-Year Battle Against Plant Viruses Leads
to Humboldt Award for Pappu
ArticleJun '18WSU Newsview
Summary of Virus Tests - 2017PresentationApr '18ADS Spring Meetingview
Viruses and Insects -
an Intricate Relationship
ArticleMar '18ADS Bulletinview
Virus Analysis in Dahlias - 2017ArticleMar '18ADS Bulletinview


2017 Documentation

Giant Boost for Dahlia R & DArticleDec '17ADS Bulletinview
Virus in DahliaArticleDec '17Dahlias of Todayview
Virus Research Update by Prof. Pappu - Part 1PresentationSep '17ADS National Show
Virus Research Update by Prof. Pappu - Part 2PresentationSep '17ADS National Show
A Visit to Washington State UniversityArticleSept '17ADS Bulletinview
Virus Success Story - 2016ArticleJun '17ADS Bulletinview
Virus Testing Plan for 2017ArticleJun '17ADS Bulletinview
WSU Virus Research - Project StatusPresentationApr '17ADS Spring Meetingview
Virus Analysis in Dahlias - 2016ArticleMar '17 ADS Bulletinview


2016 Documentation

Controlling Virus in Your Dahlia GardenArticleSept '16ADS Bulletinview
Virus in DahliaVideoSummer '16view
Now You Can test for Virus in Your GardenArticleJun '16ADS Bulletinview
Laboratory Testing for Virus in Our Dahlia GardensArticleMar '16ADS Bulletinview


2015 Documentation

Virus Testing Results for Fall 2015ArticleDec '15ADS Web Site Documentview
Virus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)PresentationSep '15Midwest Showview
Developing Virus Resistant DahliasArticleSep '15ADS Bulletinview
How Virus Effects Dahlia FoliageBrochureJun '15ADSview
ADS Interviews Dr. Hanu Pappu on the Appearance of Virus in DahliasArticleJun '15ADS Bulletinview