The American Dahlia Society Policy Regarding Use of Our Logo


The logo of the American Dahlia Society (ADS) illustrates the history and geographic spread of this non-profit organization dedicated to promoting dahlia culture. It captures the spirit and essence of the ADS. Our identity is important to us. We have established design standards and reserve the right to grant permission for specific uses. 


Commercial use of the logo that is incompatible with the mission and policies of the ADS will not be permitted. 

ADS participating societies can use the ADS logo on their website, social media pages, and in print materials related to their activities subject to the standards below and approval of the ADS. 

Members of the ADS can use the ADS logo on their personal social media pages if they are not engaged in a commercial enterprise. Other uses of the logo by individual members must be approved by the ADS.

While allowing use of its logo under certain conditions, the ADS is not endorsing or approving any publications (digital or print) and/or marketing materials where the ADS logo is displayed. 


The ADS cannot allow our identity to be diminished by

  • Distortion of the graphic elements of the logo
  • Substitution of textual elements within the logo
  • Repeated pattern of the logo, as in a border
  • Overprinting of the logo with text or other graphics
  • Partial display of the logo
  • Resizing the logo smaller than other logos appearing on the same page or screen or any other undesirable modification that violates the cohesive appearance screen or any other undesirable modification that violates the cohesive appearance of the logo.


The ADS logo is available in various formats. To obtain a copy of a current logo files or if you have any questions about the use of the ADS logo, please contact