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Each of the courses or references listed below covers a single topic pertinent to growing beautiful dahlias.

Our courses have been written by dahlia enthusiasts, not necessarily scientists or horticulturalists. These enthusiasts are pleased to share their experience and best practices with you. Please keep in mind that there are a variety of opinions in the dahlia community and that different solutions and procedures work in different circumstances and locales. We urge you to participate in a local society where you will meet great growers with knowledge of growing dahlias in your area…and you’ll have fun!

We have also included some links to non ADS sources.  These are included for your convenience because we think they might be interesting to you.  As stated above there are variety of opinions in the dahlia community.  Please note that you are leaving the ADS site when you view these other sources. Check their privacy policies as appropriate.



Preparing for a Dahlia Gardenview
Early Season Dahlia Hintsview
All things tubersview
Planting and Stakingview
Supporting Dahliasview
Fertilizing, Bug and Disease Controlview
Coping with Spider Mitesview
Broad Mites (Article in June 2020 Bulletin)view
Excerpt on Mitesview
You've Got Some Gall!view
Grooming (includes topping, disbudding, and disbranching)view
Growing Dahlias in Containersview
Cutting Tubersview
Putting Your Dahlias Down for a Long Winter’s Nap (a Pictorial)view


Info from External Sources

11 Dahlia Pests: How to Identify, Prevent, and Treat Themview
Dahlia Nutrient Disordersview



Understanding Dahlia Forms and Sizesview
Understanding ADS Classification Numbersview
Color Classesview
Assigning Colors view


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Judge Training (16 modules)view



Digging, Dividing, and Storing Tubersview
The Saran Wrap Tuber Storage Methodview



Get inspired with these videos from Kristine Albrecht, ADS member and ADS Genome Project Leader

Grow Dahlias in Potsview
Dahlia Cuttings view
Starting Dahlias from Seedsview
More on Starting Dahlias from Seedview
Growing Seedlings in 4" Potsview
A Fun Look at Staking Dahliasview
An Innovating Way to Stake Dahliasview


More Videos

Learn About Hybridization of Dahliasview
Dahlia Cuttings featuring Mark Oldenkampview
Disbudding Dahliasview
Tying Dahliasview
Novelty Dahlias (the good and not so good)view