Trial Garden 2023

The American Dahlia Society sponsors public trial gardens at locations across North America.  Another group of excellent new cultivars were evaluated in our ADS Trial Gardens in 2023.

The results table shows the scores for each cultivar in each of the trial gardens.  

You may also see photos from some trial gardens by visiting our photo album, and click here for a video tour of the 2023 Canby Trial Garden.

Trial Garden Entry Forms are available in two formats:  pdf   docx


Trial Garden Chairman’s Report

Trial Garden Medals 2023

The beauty in our well-kept trial gardens was very evident again this year.  The medal list below is complete but does not include several winners this year.  We had no winners in AA-A and WL categories.  An entry must score in three gardens to be eligible and in these categories it did not happen. 

Several medal winners are those we have seen before.  Obviously they really know good exhibition blooms.  We also have a new name who has worked hard to make the list and did it. 

Allen Manual from Oregon makes our list once again with a nice entry that barely beat another of his entries.  Richard Williams from Snohomish, WA joins our list again with a miniature formal decorative that is truly a beauty.  Sandy and Steve Boley from Sumas, WA add three medals to their treasure chest with best Ball-Mball, Stellar and an Orchid for two Hart medals and a Gullickson.  Our medal for best BB goes to Lisa Walny from University Place, WA  who is our newest originator to make the medal list.  Her entry actually had the single highest score from all the trial gardens.  Quite a feat and a great way to start her medal collection. 

Congrats to all the medal winners for the 2023 trial gardens in Canada and the USA.  We can’t wait to see the entries for next year!   Special thanks to our TG Directors and their work crews.  Also a big thanks to each and every judge who helped throughout the season. 



    No Award  No Award
B Allen’s Cascadia  Allen Manual

The Derrill W. Hart Medal

BB LLW Sunrise  Lisa Walny

The Derrill W. Hart Medal

M Skipley Road Sherry  Richard Williams

The Derrill W. Hart Medal

BA-MB Irish Moon  Sandy and Steve Boley

The Derrill W. Hart Medal

ST Sandia Ruthie  Sandy and Steve Boley

The Derrill W. Hart Medal

WL      No Award
OC SB’s Star Sandy and Steve Boley

The Evie Gullikson Medal