Societies – US and Canada

Local societies are the backbone of the American Dahlia Society. The American Dahlia Society is made up of participating dahlia societies throughout the United States and Canada. Find a society near you in the list below sorted by state/province.  (Contacts for regions and the ADS are at the bottom of the page.)


ADS Photo Contest 2023 Class-5, HM – ADS National Show Court of Honor – photo by Larry Smith

Contacts by State/Province: 

Note: If the society name is a link, click to go to the society website.


Dahlia Society of Alabama
Lucille Calvert – ADS Rep:


Alberta Dahlia and Glad Society
Debbie Hatt – ADS Rep:
Shirley Cullum – President:

British Columbia

Nanaimo Gladiolus and Dahlia Society
Vern Stephens – President and ADS Rep

Vancouver Dahlia Society
Wally Kurth – ADS Rep
Peter Krueger – President

Victoria Dahlia Society
ADS Rep, President:  Phil Newton


Central Coast Dahlia Society
Heather Jamieson – ADS Rep and President: email

Dahlia Society of California (San Francisco CA)
Deborah Dietz: email

Monterey Bay Dahlia Society
Society email:
Julie Eufemi , President and ADS Rep:

San Diego County Dahlia Society
Bill Ornelas – ADS Rep: email

San Leandro Dahlia Society
Email: email


Colorado Dahlia Society
Jennifer Carpenter – ADS Rep:  


Connecticut Dahlia Society
Barbara LaRochelle – ADS Rep:
Kevin Wasilewski – President:

Greenwich Dahlia Society
President: Vikki Cappiali, 
ADS Rep: Ken Pojman,


The Greater Philadelphia Dahlia Society
Dana Miller – President and ASDS Rep: 


Dahlia Society of Georgia
Megan Decker. – ADS Rep:

Tennessee Dahlia Society
Jay Borton – ADS Rep and President:

Idaho  (Boise ID)

Southwest Idaho Dahlia Society or Facebook 
Chris Samuelson – President and ADS Rep:


Central States Dahlia Society (Chicago IL)
Marian Landerholm – ADS Rep:
George Koons – President:

Southtown Dahlia Club (Chicago IL)
Sue Fitzgerald ADS Rep SueFitzgerald8008@gmail.comRobin Hill – President:


Elkhart Dahlia Society
Rhonda Cantrell, ADSRep:
Rusty Ritchie – President:


Greater Kansas City Dahlia Society 
Marjorie Meyer – Vice Chair


The Maine Dahlia Society
Christine Mainella – President and ADS Rep: 


National Capital Dahlia Society (DC)
Jeanne Edwards – ADS Rep: 
Scott Bailey – President

The Greater Philadelphia Dahlia Society
Dana Miller – President and ASDS Rep: 


New England Dahlia Society
Donna Lane – ADS Rep:
Gabriele Zybarth – President: email:

Yankee Dahlia Society
Misty Florez and Carol Palmer – Co-Presidents and ADS Reps: 


Dahlia Hill Dahlia Society

West Michigan Dahlia Society
Joanne Jepsen – ADS Rep:
Jeff Miner – President:

Michigan Dahlia Association
Tom Rumple – ADS Rep:
Alt. Email:

Southeastern Michigan Dahlia Society
Keith Bervan – ADS Rep:
Lucy Propst – President


Minnesota Dahlia Society
Sandra Ward – President and ADS Rep:


Greater Kansas City Dahlia Society 
Marjorie Meyer – Vice Chair


5 Valleys Dahlia and Glad Society
Gary Clark – Chapter President  (no email)
Tami Van Soest – Chapter Secretary:
James Sadler – ADS Rep,
Laura Tayer – Treasurer:

Montana Dahlia Society
Dan Halverson – ADS Rep:

New Brunswick

New Jersey

The Greater Philadelphia Dahlia Society
Dana Miller – President and ASDS Rep: 

New Mexico

New Mexico Dahlia Society
Edith Iwan – President and ADS Rep:

New York

Long Island Dahlia Society
Robert Tobias – ADS Rep:

Mid Island Dahlia Society
Kathleen Shukofshy – ADS Rep: 
Michael Shukofshy – President:

Rochester Dahlia Society
Mary Feasel – ADS Rep:
Bill Doolittle –

Southern Tier Dahlia Society
Ed Miller – President and ADS Rep: 

Steuben County Agricultural Society

North Carolina

Carolinas Dahlia Society
Ivor Mitchell – ADS Rep:
Jo Unbehaun, President:

Central Carolina Dahlia Society
Find them on Facebook

Jimmy Speas – President:
Kim R. Bauman:

Burlington Dahlia Society
Tom Baker – President: email
Chad Baker – ADS Rep: email

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Dahlia Society
Athur Haskins – ADS Rep: 


Dahlia Society of Ohio  (Cleveland OH)
Elizabeth Hamilton – ADS Rep: ekaczmarek011@gmail.comm
Jessica Becker – President:

Greater Cincinnati Dahlia Society
Mark Neel – ADS Rep:
Nan Matteson – President:

Greater Columbus Dahlia Society
President: Jeff Laine,
ADS Rep: Linda Laine,

Mahoning Valley Dahlia Society  (Youngstown, OH)
Joyce Habeger – ADS Rep:
Harriet Chandler – President: 


Canadian Chrysanthemum and Dahlia Society
Murray Thompson – ADS Rep:
Lori Peplinskie – President:

Hamilton and District Chrysanthemum and Dahlia Society
John Mooney – ADS Rep:
Michael Parrish – President: 


Douglas County Dahlia Society (Roseburg OR)
Elva Sellens – ADS Rep:
Ember Nay – President:

Lane County Dahlia Society (Eugene OR)
Deborah Gilmer – ADS Rep:
Eugene Kenyon – Co-President:
Camille Noel – Co-President:

Portland Dahlia Society
Eric Toedtli – ADS Rep:
Dan Baulig – President:

Seattle Dahlia Society
Dave Blackmer – President:

Wild Rivers Dahlia Society (Gold Beach OR)
Bob Chibante – President and ADS Rep: 
Guy Chibante – ADS Rep:


Gettysburg Dahlia Society
John Rost – President:

The Greater Philadelphia Dahlia Society
Dana Miller – President and ASDS Rep: 

Greater Pittsburgh Dahlia Society
Instagram and Facebook
Mark Floyd – ADS Rep:
Judy Romano – President:


Quebec Dahlia Society
Claude SeGuin – ADS Rep:

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Dahlia Society
Caroleen Frey – President:
Christine Pfeiffer – ADS Rep

South Carolina

Carolinas Dahlia Society
Ivor Mitchell – ADS Rep:
Jo Unbehaun, President:


Knoxville Dahlia Society
Carol Ann Frederick, ADS Rep 
Kristine Moody, President 

Tennessee Dahlia Society
Joe Pietrantone, president
Marcie Holt, ADS Rep



Utah Dahlia Society
Clea Austin – ADS Rep:


National Capital Dahlia Society  (DC)
Jeanne Edwards – ADS Rep: 
Scott Bailey – President


Evergreen State Dahlia Association (Olympia WA)
ADS Rep: Karen Sanchez
President: Ken Canfield
Facebook- Evergreen State Dahlia Society

Grays Harbor Dahlia Society (Olympia WA)
ADS Rep: Karen Sanchez
President: Ken Canfield

Inland Empire Dahlia Society  (Spokane WA)
Claudia Biggs – ADS Rep:
Patrick O’Kelley – President:

Kitsap County Dahlia County  (Poulsbo WA)
Paul Kusche – President:
Steve Lamb – Vice President:
Eric Anderson – ADS Rep:

North Central Washington Dahlia Society (East Wenatchee WA)
LaVern Strawn – ADS Rep:
Keith Rupprecht – President:

Puget Sound Dahlia Association  (Bellevue WA)
Debbie Wetmore – ADS Rep:
Anne Maria Jacobson
Colin Walker – Vice President:

Seattle Dahlia Society
Dave Blackmer – ADS Rep:
Dave Blackmer – President:

Snohomish County Dahlia Society  (Everett WA)
Lynda Quinn – ADS Rep:
Alli Richards – President,

South Sound Dahlia Association (Olympia WA)
Karen Knudson- President:

Washington State Dahlia Society  (Tacoma WA)
Pete Hayward – ADS Rep:
Marilyn Walton – President: 

Whatcom County Dahlia Society  (Lynden WA)
Jean Heeringa – ADS Rep:
Sandy Boley – President:

Washington DC

National Capital Dahlia Society  (Washington DC)
Jeanne Edwards – ADS Rep: 
Scott Bailey – President


Badger State Dahlia Society
Monique Volden – ADS Rep:

Wisconsin Dahlia Society
Danny Helgerson – ADS Rep:



Contacts for Regional Conferences/Federations:

Contacts for Regional VPs

For a list of which societies belong to which Conference/Federation (or are independent)
ADS Federations and Conferences (pdf).


Contacts for ADS:

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