New Show Class – Farmer’s Market Bunch

Last fall the ADS Cut Flower Committee started working on a Farmer’s Market Bunch with the intent of it becoming a class in our dahlia shows. Not a mandatory class but a class that a society could add to their show if they chose to.

Many societies have seen an increase in membership and many of the new members sell cut flowers. At this time, the Cut Flower Committee has produced a score sheet that will help judges award prizes to the show exhibits. There are things on the score sheet that are counter intuitive to those of us that are ADS judges, because of this we (the Committee) are in the process of making a video on how to judge a “Farmers Market Bunch.” Unfortunately, the video will not be ready for the 2024 show season because we need cut flowers for the video, our goal is to have it available for the 2025 show season so it can be shown at your judges’ trainings. If you want to or have already added the class to your show but have questions on how to judge it please contact the cut flower committee at


A note from Wayne Lobaugh regarding the history of the Cut Flower Committee