ADS Photo Contest 2023


2022 Grand Prize Winner, Scott’s Snocap by Larry Smith



It is time to focus on this year’s ADS Photo Contest.   Grab your camera and roam your garden and take that award-winning photo.  The deadline to submit images is December 15, 2023 to  

Class 1 – Undisseminated dahlias – seedlings, new introductions

Class 2 – Dahlia Portraits- photos of a single cultivar.

Class 3 – Multiple blooms- two or more blooms/varieties.

Class 4 – Dahlia gardens – Trial gardens, your own garden, club display gardens

Class 5 -Dahlia clubs and shows

Class 6 – Dahlia arrangements/bouquets – New category. Cut flower growers can show off here.

Class 7 – Kids and Dahlias

Class 8 – Critters and Dahlias- animals, insects and dahlias

Class 9 – Macro view – Close up image

Class 10 – Digital Darkroom – Creative use of photo enhancing applications


People’s Choice- Our popular online contest. Voting begins in mid-January 2024 .  Winner is announced on Valentine’s Day 2024.



All contests have rules but the most important rule is to have fun.

1) You must be an amateur photographer and you must take the photo yourself. No AI generated photos. Please submit digital files (not a physical copy of the photo). Dahlias should predominate the image.

2) Class 1-10 – Limit 3 photos per class.  People’s Choice – Limit 1 photo

3) Photos should be taken in 2022 and 2023

4) Only photos in Class 10 should be digitally altered

5) Labeling/Identifying photos – Correctly label your photos.  Please label the photo with the applicable class. If you submit 3 photos per class add an A, B, or C. For example, 2A- Name of dahlia, 2B – name of dahlia. Don’t put your name on the photo.  Please add a title if you can. For example, 4A- My garden in Washington.  This helps to distinguish my photo from someone else’s 4A.  If you have trouble labeling your slide/photo file, check for instructions for your particular operating system online or on You Tube.

6) Submitting your entries. Please submit via email to by December 15, 2023.   The number of photos that can be sent in an email varies by server. In general, 20 MB is the size limit. You may need to send more than one email.  JPEG files are preferred. For some reason, Google photo files don’t always open. Please label your email with the Class number(s) attached.

Please submit your People’s Choice entry (one photo) in a separate email.

7) Please submit an entry form (available below) with your photos. Only one entry form is needed per person.

Prizes- Class 1-10 and People’s Choice:

  • 1st Place- $20.00
  • 2nd Place-$10.00
  • 3rd Place-$5.00.
  • Grand Prize winner- $ 50.00


I look forward to viewing the dahlia world through your eyes.

ADS Photography Chairperson,
Debbie Pavich


Info in pdf format 

ENTRY FORM  docx format

ENTRY FORM  pdf format