Photo Contest 2022

Grand Prize 2021
My Beverly at Night
Mel Epstein


As your garden grows, keep your camera close at hand and photograph the beauty. Submit your photos to the ADS Photo Contest for 2022. The deadline for the 2022 ADS Dahlia Contest is December 15sh, 2022. Winning photos will be announced in late January 2023. The online “People’s Choice“ contest will return as well. The grand prize photographer receives $50.00. Each first-place winner receives $20.00, second place $10.00, and third place $5.00. 


The ADS 2022 Photo Contest categories are:

Class 1 – Undisseminated/Seedlings – In general, they are unclassified dahlias and have not been sold as a “named” variety.

Class 2 – Dahlia portrait – A photo of a single bloom.

Class 3 – Dahlia blooms –  More than one cultivar or more than one bloom of a cultivar. Please identify the cultivar(s).

Class 4 – Dahlia Gardens – Photos of places where dahlias are grown.

Class 5 – Dahlia shows and personalities – Photos of activities related to dahlia shows and the folks who grow dahlias. They are archival in nature.

Class 6 – Dahlias and Critters – Insects and animals and the dahlias

Class 7 – Dahlias and kids. Debbie’s favorite category. They show so much emotion.

Class 8 – Digital dark room – Using a program to enhance an image. For example, change the color of a dahlia.

Class 9 – Macro view – Up close view of a portion of a dahlia.

Class 10 – People’s Choice – Enter your favorite photo, including photos of non-ADS classified dahlias. There will be an online vote for the winners of this category. Instructions for the People’s Choice award voting will be on the ADS Website in January 2023.


Labeling photos

Please label your photos with the class and a title. For instance, Class 9, Name of Dahlia. If you submit more than one photo in a class, label the slide 9a, 9b, and 9c.  Please don’t put your name on the picture.

Entries can be submitted online to Or by mail – Deborah Pavich, 200 E Nikki Lane, Belfair, WA 98528.

Don’t forget to also mail or scan/email your entry form. Entry form in: pdf format   docx format


Good luck! Happy gardening. Don’t forget to share your photos on the ADS Facebook page and Instagram.