The Largest Dahlia in the World Contest

The winner AGAIN in 2022 is Iris Wallace of Santa Cruz with a whopping 14 5/8″ Maki.  Wow!

Largest Dahlia in the World Winner 2022

Largest Dahlia in the World Winner 2022. Iris Wallace with Maki.


  1. Can come from anywhere in show.

  2. The dahlia must have a name.

  3. Must have a stem.

  4. Could have a popped center or not –doesn’t matte.r

  5. Could be show quality freshness or really ratty—no matter.

  6. Does not need leaves.

  7. Measure only diameter—not depth.

  8. Ideally measurement is done by 2 senior judges, but one senior and one
    accredited will do.

  9. Fill out LARGEST DAHLIA IN THE WORLD form and email or US Postage as indicated on the form.

  10. Extra credit:  send a photo of the bloom and its grower for greater glory and acclaim.

Get an Entry Form here.

You are not required to use the form if you’d rather just put the information into an email (  You may also report tour second and third largest blooms.

Contact Deborah Dietz if you have questions.


Ken (founder of the contest) and Marilyn Masurat