Correction to ADS Bulletin, 9/2021

Hopefully by now members have received and are enjoying the September 2021 Bulletin.  Among the highlights of the publication are the local society reports.  But mistakes happen, and somehow the Kitsap County Dahlia Society report was not published in full. Please see the full report below.  Thanks Kitsap for your report.  Please accept our sincere apology for the error.

KITSAP COUNTY DAHLIA SOCIETY Report for the September 2021 Bulletin

What a difference a year makes as our country tries to return to a “new normal”.  As a dahlia grower and exhibitor, I was excited our state opened to all activities including dahlia shows.  It is fun to feel the excitement of all dahlia hobbyists, who have been posting their first blooms of the season on club web sites and Facebook!  The great blooms of summer are here!

Kitsap County Dahlia Society President Paul Kusche and our Board have done an excellent job keeping our ever-growing membership informed on summer activities either using zoom or in person.  We had our club picnic get-together July 15th, which featured the usual burgers and brats, sides, and desserts!  Eric and Janet Anderson provided demonstrations on staging 1,3, and 5 bloom vases, and creating beautiful horticultural baskets.  All members were encouraged to bring blooms and try to make a basket for our show.

Our three public gardens are in full bloom!  Dahlia popularity has grown because of the efforts of the KCDS gardens.  The gardens are extremely popular with many families making the annual pilgrimage to take pictures, create a wish list for next years tuber sale and pose for family pictures. Caretakers of the garden field many questions from visitors, from planting, disbudding, watering, fertilizer to the cutting down and harvest of the tubers in the fall.  If our visitors time it right, they walk away with a nice bouquet!

The 96th Annual KCDS Dahlia Show was held July 31st and August 1st.  Our show historically is the first show of the season.  Unfortunately, show results are not available because of the due date of this article. Hopefully the extremely warm weather early this summer help provide lots of blooms for our show.

Our monthly newsletter and website continue to keep the membership informed on what is going on in the dahlia world.  There is a monthly board report, club updates, monthly guides on dahlia care, and other fun information.  Check it out!

Eric Anderson, ADS Representative
September 2021