World’s Largest Dahlia Contest

Deborah and a Penhill Watermelon

Deborah Dietz, manager of the World’s Largest Dahlia Contest, invites you to include this fun category in your local and regional shows.  The rules are simple:

  1. Bloom must be a named cultivar.
  2. Dahlia does NOT need leaves but must have stem and stand free in a show container.
  3. Dahlia can have blown center but not necessarily.
  4. Dahlia may come from an  AA or A section which has already been judged or entered directly into the Largest Dahlia Section.
  5.  Measurement is exclusively the largest diameter.  Depth has nothing to do with size in this contest.  Ideally, two senior judges do the measurement.  If pressed, a senior judge and a well accredited judge can judge.
  6. Dahlia must be measured in competition at a dahlia show sanctioned by that country’s official Dahlia Society i.e., ADS, NDS, NDSNZ, or DSA.

     Report the following information to Deborah Dietz:
              cultivar name
              judges’ names
              grower’s name and society
              show’s sponsor and location
    via email or US Mail. 

Get an Entry Form here.

You are not required to use the form if you’d rather just put the information into an email (  Second and third runners up are also welcomed to report.

 A snapshot of the judges measuring the winner or the grower with the dahlia would be most appreciated but is not mandatory.

Contact Deborah Dietz if you have questions.