2021 Calendars to support 2022 ADS National Show

Ken’s Rarity

The National Capital Dahlia Society prepared a high quality dahlia calendar for 2021 to help support the 2022 ADS National Show, which NCDS will be hosting.  To see additional photos coming in the calendar, go to nationalcapitaldahlia.org (website for the National Capital Dahlia Society).  The ADS and NCDS web sites have low resolution copies only, to help preserve the copyrights of the photographers.  

UPS is delivering the dahlia calendars on Wednesday, December 2, so we are now taking orders.   Shipping will begin approximately December 4th.

The calendars will sell for $10 each plus the cost of priority mail. (We can send to Canada, by global priority mail – inquire if interested.)  The minimum order for NCDS mailing is 2 calendars.  For orders of single calendars, contact Teresa Bergman, www.dahlias4u.com.  

Mailing cost for a modest number of calendars (2 and up, to the maximum that will fit comfortable in a fixed price US Postage mailer) is $7.75.  You may send orders to AfisherADS@Yahoo.com.  Please put “Dahlia Calendars” in the subject of your E-mail.

For larger orders, 10 or more calendars sent to one address, the price will be $8 each plus postage – with a guarantee that the total price will be no more than $10 each for any address in the United States.  Orders to Canada will be the same prices, but expect postage to run higher, so the delivered cost will be more than for the U.S. 

For this calendar, we have put together images from several of the best photographers and growers in NCDS.  The photographers retain all copyright privileges for their images, although they do permit reasonable use of low resolution images for non-commercial uses.  Layout and printing for the calendar come from an experienced, high quality printing company in Europe. 

For questions, AFisherADS@Yahoo.com.  Thank you.