2020 Hart and Gullikson Awards Announced

The Derrill W. Hart medal

Awarded to the cultivar that has the highest average trial garden score in the accredited trial gardens located across the United States and Canada during the previous year as an AA/A; B; BB; M; Ball/Miniature Ball/Pompon; ST/NX; and Waterlily. The highest three scores shall be used to determine such highest average. In case of ties, duplicate awards will be awarded.

Cultivar NameCultivar DescriptionHybridized by

Photo by Bob Schroeder

Allen's Big BangA ID BRAllen Manuel

Photo by Bob Schroeder

Sandia IcicleB IC WSteve and Sandy Boley

Photo by Bob Schroeder

Skipley FrostBB ID WRichard Williams

Photo by Alan Fisher

River's AngieM C DPEugene Kenyon

Photo by Bob Schroeder

Irish DelightMB YSteve and Sandy Boley

Photo by Bob Spangenberg

River's WatermelonST LEugene Kenyon

Photo by John Spangenberg

Oregon SunsetWL LB P/YN. Gitts

Photo by Paul McKittrick

CHi Mon Cher-eWL WPaul McKittrick


The Evie Gullikson medal

Awarded to the cultivar that has the highest average Seedling Bench Evaluation score and the cultivar with the highest average Trial Garden score as an open center or disc center.

Cultivar NameCultivar DescriptionHybridized by

Kelseu Aria
Photo by Jerry Zierdt

Kelsey AriaCO LBColin Walker