Navigating a Gallery/Album


  • A gallery is a group of pictures.
  • An album contains one or more galleries.
  • A thumbnail is a miniature of a picture.
  • Hover means to position your curser over an area on the screen.

An album/gallery has two types of pages:

  1. A grid page, which shows thumbnails of the pictures in a gallery, or a thumbnail to represent each gallery in a album.
  2. A page with a full size picture.

If you are on a grid page for a gallery, click on a picture to get the full size image.  If you are on the grid page for an album, click on the thumbnail that represents a gallery to go to that gallery’s grid page.   If you are on a device with a mouse, you can “hover” over a thumbnail for more information.

If you are on a page with a full size picture, there will be “back” and “next” buttons below the picture so that you can move from full size picture to full size picture.  To go back to the thumbnails, look for a link in the upper left of the page.

Try it! Navigating a gallery or album is much easier than it sounds!