Trial Garden 2022

The American Dahlia Society sponsors public trial gardens at locations across North America.  Another group of excellent new cultivars were evaluated in our ADS Trial Gardens in 2022 

The results table shows the scores for each cultivar in each of the trial gardens.  

You may also see photos from some trial gardens by visiting our photo gallery . and click here for a video tour of the 2022 Canby Trial Garden.

Trial Garden Entry Forms are available in two formats:  pdf   docx


Trial Garden Chairman’s Report

We have had another season of outstanding trial garden entries.  Our current cast of originators is a group of truly talented hybridizers.  Those who brought the best entries are listed below.  Pictures of many of these entries will be posted on this websitesoon. Derrill W. Hart Medals and an Evie Gullikson Medal are awarded to the cultivars that perform best in three or more of the gardens.  The Medal winners for 2022 are:

AA-A                              Grandpa’s Gift                                      Nicholas Gitts

B                                    Allen’s Diablo                                       Allen Manuel

BB                                 Connie Dohuahua                                Connie Young-Davis

M-MC                            Allen’s Alley Cat                                    Allen Manuel

ST-NX                           Clearview Pataha                                 Richard Parshall

WL                                Hollyhill Letitia                                      Ted and Margaret Kennedy

OC                                Kelsey Neahkahnie                              Colin Walker


Congratulations to all the medal winners!  A big thumbs up to Allen Manuel for winning two!  All the others have earned medals in the past and must have quite a collection, with the exception of Connie Young—Davis who I believe is receiving her first Hart Medal.  Connie is a very deserving winner, as is her winning entry.  Extremely hard working and an extraordinary exhibitor, Connie is also someone who can win your heart with her cooking.  She invited Steve Cox, who is from Australia to dinner and my husband and myself got to come along.  An amazing cook!  And her garden was beyond beautiful. 

This year, I was again amazed by the beauty within the medal winner’s entries.  We all owe them a big thanks for giving us something to dream about growing ourselves next season. 

Thanks to every one of the hybridizers who worked hard to get their scoring dahlias into our trail gardens.   We love your handiwork!  Thanks to our judges!  And a big thanks to the TG Directors and all their work crews!