Trial Gardens 2018

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The American Dahlia Society sponsors public trial gardens at locations across North America.  Another group of excellent new cultivars were evaluated in our ADS Trial Gardens in 2018. 

The results table shows the scores for each cultivar in each of the trial gardens and includes links to pictures of the entries in most of the gardens.  The last column in the table provides links to the supplier who is serving to introduce the new cultivar on behalf of the originator.  (Supplier contact info is below.)

You may also see photos from our trial gardens by visiting our photo gallery. Trial Garden Entry Forms are available in two formats:  pdf Format    doc Format

Derrill W. Hart Medals and an Evie Gullikson Medal are awarded to the cultivars that perform best in three or more of the gardens.  The Medal winners for 2018 are:

AA/A KA’s Khaleesi DHW Kristine Albrecht
B Allen’s Arctic Fox DHW Allen Manuel
BB Hollyhill Tangelo DHW Ted and Margaret Kennedy
M Clearview Jennae DHW Dick and Danielle Parshall
BA/MB/P 20th Ave Morning Mist DHW Rich Gibson
ST/NX Dancin’ Queen DHW Nicholas Gitts
WL Sandia Isa DHW Steve and Sandy Boley
OC Kelsey Betelgeuse EG Colin Walker


The Medal Winners are shown in the results table in boldface font.  Congratulations!    Most of the Medal winners have been there before; but Rich Gibson is new to the winner’s circle.  Welcome, Rich!  Congratulations, too, to each of the originators who managed to have seedlings with passing scores in the Trial Gardens!

The operation and maintenance of the ADS Trial Gardens are voluntary efforts and we would like to thank the Trial Garden Directors, the local society volunteers, and the ADS judges who make the evaluation of these fine new cultivars possible.

Ron Miner, Marilyn Walton, Jerry Zierdt TG Co-chairs


Sources for Successful New 2019 Cultivars

Company Proprietor Website Code
Accent Dahlias Ken Greenway A
Birch Bay Dahlias Steve and Sandy Boley B
Dahlias by Les and Viv Les and Viv Connell C
Clearview Dahlias Dick and Danielle Parshall CL
Cowlitz River Dahlias Teresa Bergman CO
Crazy 4 Dahlias John Spangenberg CR
Dan’s Dahlias Dan Pearson D
Hollyhill Dahlias Ted and Margaret Kennedy H
JS Dahlias Jerry Schoenauer J
Lobaugh Dahlias Wayne Lobaugh L
River’s Dahlias Eugene Kenyon R
SantaCruz Dahlisa Kristine Albrecht SC
Swan Island Dahlias The Gitts Family SI

* The Derrill W. Hart medal

Awarded to the cultivar that has the highest average trial garden score in the Trial Gardens located across the United States and Canada as an AA or A (Classes 0001-1515); B (Classes 2001-2515); BB (Classes 3001-3515); M (Classes 4001-4515); Ball, MiniatureBall, or Pompon (Classes 6001- 6215); ST(7001-7515) or NX(7601-7615); and Waterlily (7301-7315). The highest 3 scores (from individual Trial Gardens) are used to determine the highest average. In case of ties, duplicate awards will be awarded.

** The Evie Gullickson medal

Awarded to the cultivar that has the highest average Seedling Bench Evaluation score and the highest average Trial Garden score as a PE, AN, NO, CO, O, S, MS (8001-9715).