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ADS Logo

The ADS allows the use of our logo in certain commercial applications, such as in the promotion of certain winning dahlia cultivars. If you are interested in using the logo, please see the detailed terms and conditions of use of the logo below and/or or contact Harry Rissetto at


Terms of Usage for the Logo of the American Dahlia Society

The logo of the American Dahlia Society, Incorporated (aka, the “American Dahlia Society” or “ADS”) is the property of the ADS.

By using the ADS logo in any way, you indicate that you understand and intend these terms of usage (“Terms”) to be the legal equivalent of a signed, written contract and equally binding, and that you accept the Terms and agree to be legally bound by them. At all times, you are bound by the then-current version of the Terms and all applicable laws. ADS may change these Terms upon reasonable notice. Your continued use of the logo after such notice will mean that you accept any such change.

By using the ADS logo you acknowledge that ADS owns all right, title, and interest in and to the ADS logo and the associated goodwill and your use of the ADS logo and any associated goodwill will inure to the benefit of ADS. Except with the ADS’s prior written consent, you won’t attempt to register any version of the ADS logo or any confusingly similar trademarks or domain names.

If the Executive Board deems necessary, the ADS reserves the right to revoke your permission to use the ADS logo for any reason.

The Approved Images representing the logo are available from the ADS; you may only use these Approved Images. In all cases, the American Dahlia Society logo must appear without alterations to the image, including coloration, except that grayscale (black and white) images are permitted. The source(s) and examples of Approved Images are not contained in this document.

The American Dahlia Society has a committee designated to review all applications from those persons and entities seeking permission to use the ADS logo. Please see the ADS BULLETIN and/or the ADS Web site, for information on how to file requests for logo usage and for obtaining Approved Images of the ADS logo.

The right to use of the ADS logo is not transferable without the express written permission of the American Dahlia Society.

The ADS retains the right to seek reasonable royalty for the use of the logo in the future.

Permission is necessary for any business, organization or person for each use of the logo of the American Dahlia Society with the following four exceptions:

1.) All ADS Executive Board Members and Executive Board Committees may use Approved Images of the logo for American Dahlia Society business matters provided this involves no personal, commercial or financial interest(s).

2.) The American Dahlia Society’s Affiliated and Participating societies may use Approved Images of the ADS logo for promotional and fund raising purposes. These societies should not use the logo for a person’s own interests within a society, including financial gain or any other reason, except as allowed under the Rules Pertaining to Advertisers.

3.) All members of the ADS operating under one of the current three levels of the Business Partner Program, Gold, Silver and Bronze may use Approved Images of the American Dahlia Society logo with wording that indicates they are financial sponsors of the ADS, such as “Member/Financial Sponsor of the ADS” or similar. Participants in the Business Partner Program may not use the logo in any way that suggests ADS endorsement for a commercial product or other financial venture.

4.) In conjunction with the American Dahlia Society’s Stanley Johnson Medal Winners, a specific Approved Image of the ADS logo is available for this use and may be used for commercial purposes. Only in this case, membership in the ADS is not required but approval of the logo oversight committee must be secured by non-members. A listing of the Stanley Johnson Medal winning dahlias is available from the ADS and is not contained in this document.


Rules Pertaining to Advertisers

The American Dahlia Society does not permit wording that any product, service, or concept of an advertiser has the endorsement of the ADS.

With the exception of the provision regarding the Stanley Johnson Medal Winners, all advertisers interested in displaying an Approved Image of the ADS logo must be current members of the American Dahlia Society. A statement of ADS membership may be used in advertisements, e.g., “Member of the American Dahlia Society.” Only advertisers who participate in the ADS Business Partner Program may also use wording that indicates they are financially sponsoring the ADS, e.g., “Member and Financial Sponsor of the American Dahlia Society.”

The American Dahlia Society logo must be displayed separately and shall not be combined with the name or logo of the advertiser.

The American Dahlia Society will permit members to use the specific Approved Images of the ADS logo use for advertising and announcements of all American Dahlia Society medal winners, including: the Lynn B. Dudley, the Derrill W. Hart, the Evie Gullikson, the Border/Container Dahlia of the Year and the Stanley Johnson medal winners. The wording associated with the logo must be limited to the year the medal was awarded and the name of the award, as in “2009 Derrill W. Hart Award Winner.” In all cases, the size of the font used to identify the winning variety must not exceed the size of the logo. The Approved Images of the logo may be used in conjunction with all medal winning cultivars without restriction to duration, subject to the periodic review by the ADS.


Additional Rules Regarding American Dahlia Society Logo Usage

An Approved Image of the American Dahlia Society logo may be used as an electronic link to the official ADS web site,

The American Dahlia Society Executive Board on 3/14/10 approved this version of the ADS Logo Terms of Usage.