Virus in Dahlias – Be Part of the Solution
Tri-fold Brochure

Dr. Hanu Pappu, Carl F. and James J. Chuey Endowed Chair for Dahlia Research and Development at Washington State University, is promoting a strategy which can help reduce the number of dahlia plants with virus in your garden.   Based on his research and field studies the strategy has proven successful in several dahlia gardens.  The strategy involves disinfection of tools and removal of diseased and sub-par plants from your garden.   The ADS has produced a full color tri-fold brochure describing this strategy which is titled:
Virus in Dahlias – Be Part of the Solution

We encourage the local and regional dahlia organizations in the ADS to distribute the tri-fold brochure to not only their members but the gardening public as well.  This is an important step in battling virus in dahlias that benefits all dahlia growers. 

A master pdf of the tri-fold which can be used to print copies of the tri-fold brochure can be found here or by clicking on the picture above.

Printing Options:   Costco is one option for printing – the current cost (February 2019) is approximately US $156.00 plus tax (if applicable) for 500 copies.  There are options to order additional copies.   If you are already a member of Costco, a printing order can be completed on-line at   Another option for printing is to use the in-store printing services found at most Office Depot/Office Max stores which offers non-profit groups a discount on printing services.  Information about their non-profit program can be found at   These are just a couple of options for printing; your local dahlia organization may already have a relationship with a printer that can meet your needs.

Again, we encourage all local and regional dahlia societies to make these brochures available at tuber sales, garden club talks, shows and other events in the upcoming year.   If you have any questions regarding the tri-fold brochure please contact either Ron Miner or Brad Freeman, Co-Chairs of the ADS Virus Research Committee.   Their contact information can be found in a current edition of the ADS Bulletin.


Thank You,
ADS Virus Research Committee