Photo Contest 2020

Other prize winners have been announced.  Details here.


The contest is over, but here is the pre-contest information as a reference.

With many shows cancelled, the ADS Photo Contest is a good place to exhibit your beautiful blooms.

The rules are few.  Anyone can submit a photo. The photos should have been taken in 2019 and 2020.   It’s all about the dahlia, so the bloom should predominate the image.  Photos can be taken using a cell phone camera. Please limit entries to three images per class.

The photo should represent one of the following classes:

  1. Undisseminated /Introductions – Only one variety in the photo. Petals should not extend beyond the picture edge.
  2. Dahlia portrait – A single dahlia. Please name the cultivar.
  3. Two or more blooms – The same or different cultivar. Please identify.
  4. Dahlia gardens – Please identify the location of the garden.
  5. Dahlia Shows/Clubs/Personalities – These are archival photos. They document folks and dahlia gatherings. Please name the club, event, and individuals. Photos of winning flower(s) are exhibited in class 1, 2, or 3.
  6. Macro view – Close up of a dahlia bloom. The photo can include other elements such as insects or water droplets.
  7. Kids – The photos of children are full of emotion and deserve their own class. Please identify the children and dahlia.
  8. Critters – Try and keep the flower the dominant aspect of the photo
  9. Digital Darkroom – Creative use of software applications (Photoshop, Lightroom, et al) to enhance the dahlia image or add special effects. Please state what program was used. Changing the background of a photo to black enhances the image and the photo should be entered in class 9.
  10. Dahlia Selfie– Let us know what cell phone camera you used.


Prizes (for each class)

1st Place- $20.00
2nd Place-$10.00
3rd Place-$5.00

and a Grand Prize Winner


How to submit your photos


Photos can be submitted online or through the mail.

By mail

If submitting by mail, a USB device is preferred over a CD. Please include a list of images, entry class for each image, and image information (cultivar name, program used to digitally enhance picture , etc ), and your contact information.

Mail to:

Debbie Pavich
200 East Nikki Lane
Belfair, WA  98528



Please send images as an attachment to an email. More than one email may be needed. The body of your email should contain the entry class, image information, and your contact information. Label the jpeg photo file attachment with the entry class and image identification or title. For example, 6a Hollyhill Jitterbug with tree frog. If more than one photo per class use 6a. 6b, or 6c to identify. For some reason, photos submitted from the “cloud” are not “delivered”.  Please send the photo as an attachment to an email to


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