Photo Contest 2019

Greetings Dahlia lovers! My name is Debbie Pavich. I am a member of the Kitsap County Dahlia Society. Besides growing, showing and judging dahlias, I enjoy photographing them.  I am excited to be the Chair of the ADS 2019 Photo Contest. Whether it is a bouquet of blooms or a picture, dahlias are art.

 Keep your eye and camera lens focused this season for that special photo to share. Your image could grace the cover of the ADS bulletin or be published in several ADS publications. It can win a prize! Every contest has rules but the most important one is to have fun!


2019 ADS Contest Rules

  1. Anyone can participate, you don’t need to be an ADS member. Photos should be your own.
  2. The photo needs to represent one of the entry classes (see entry form)
  3. All images should be taken during the 2018 or 2019 growing season.
  4. Dahlias should predominate the image
  5. Only images in entry class 8 should be digitally altered.
  6. Each entrant is limited to THREE images in each class. Class number is required for each image.
    Submit separate text file listing entries by file names. Include your name, class number or description. Double check your entries and files.
    Filenames should be 10 characters or less. Please use .jpg format with a resolution of at least 300 dpi for reproduction.  They should be “readable” by standard PC equipment and applications. Also, check that the number 0 is distinguishable from the letter O and the letter l (small L) from I (Capital I).
  8. Entries may be submitted by mail on CD, DVD, or flash drive; or,  as an email attachment to photocontest@dahlia.orgDeadline for submittal is November 30, 2019.
  9. Don’t forget a properly filled out entry form.


Entry Classes

  1. Introductions /Undisseminated Dahlias- Introductions of the last two seasons or unnamed seedlings. Only one variety should appear in the image. Petals should not extend beyond the picture edge.
  2. Dahlia Portraits- Any single dahlia that is listed in a past or the present ADS Classification Handbook. Only one variety should appear in the image. Petals should not extend beyond the picture edge.
  3. Two or blooms/varieties- Don’t forget to identify them
  4. Dahlia Gardens- Note location of garden and identify any people shown.
  5. Dahlia Shows and Clubs- Pictures of events and shows. Please identify the individual(s), occasion, and location of show
  6. Macro View- Closeup of part of a dahlia bloom or a plant. The picture can include insects or other elements of dahlia culture.
  7. Kids and critters- Keep the flower the dominant aspect of the picture.
  8. Digital Darkroom-Creative use of a software application such as Photoshop to enhance the dahlia image or add special effects. Please include what application was used.
  9. Dahlia personalities- Any individual that is clearly identified and their relationship to dahlia culture is stated.

The photographer grants the ADS a royalty free, non-exclusive license to use and reproduce the submitted photo image(s) for use in ADS publications, the ADS image library, and the ADS website for archival or educational purposes. The ADS may use photos for other purposes such as news stories with proper photo credit.  The photographer retains the copyright for the photo image.

No further use of the material may be made in other photo publications or for other purposes without the written consent of the photographer. Selected images will be retained by the appropriate ADS committee.



Each class:
First place 20.00
Second place 10.00
Third place-5.00

Special prize for contest Grand Winner


This page in pdf format

Entry Form docx format        Entry Form pdf format