CSDS Propogation

Central States Dahlia Society (CSDS) is hard at work propagating plants for their 2023 Sale.  Here are pictures from last year’s effort.
Last year 700 plants were propagated and sold resulting from the greenhouse propagation program. This year they are hoping for even more!  The propagation takes place mid-February through the latter part of May in rented greenhouse space at the Friendship Park Conservatory Greenhouse.  Friendship Park is operated by the Mount Prospect, IL Park District.
The society actually had 2,100 plants available at the 2022 sale because a number of members
donated large quantities of plants that had been propagated at home. They anticipate this year’s number of plants to be in about the same range, but Jerry Landerholm says, “we don’t “count our chickens before they hatch. There are many variables to consider, and some things can be beyond our control”.
Jerry continues, “the greenhouse propagation program actually serves multiple purposes. Not only do we create plants as a fundraiser, but it is an educational program as well. There are three separate teams of members who cover the week. One of the biggest benefits is that it brings club members together to
work towards a common goal”.
Ted Magura took all the pictures below. He is the official/unofficial CSDS photographer. He always
has his camera ready. The club truly appreciates having someone who understands the value of capturing the moment.
You may view the slide show, or click on any thumbnail below to see the entire picture.  From any full sized picture you can navigate forward or backward through the pictures.
Thanks CSDS for sharing with us!