Overseas Associates


The Overseas Associate annual subscription will allow dahlia enthusiasts in other parts of the world to connect with ADS members in North America.

Overseas Associates shall be deemed Friends of the Society, and on the payment of a fee, will receive an electronic version of the ADS Bulletin and Classification and Handbook of Dahlias, pursuant to rules adopted by the Board. Overseas Associates will reside outside the US/Canada/Mexico and shall not be members of and will not have full rights and privileges of membership in this Society. 

The annual subscription (November-October) will provide, via email, three electronic copies of the Bulletin.  Also, the most recent version of the Classification and Handbook of Dahlias (CHD) will be sent via email in February/March.  

Purchase your subscription below via PayPal for $20.00 US dollars.  You will need to provide an email for the purchase and the email must be able to accept a 10 MB file.