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It is Time to Think Dahlias  – 4/16/2022  
Time to Wake Up the Tubers – 3/18/2022
The Dahlia Sap is Rising – 2/18/2022
Thinking About Dahlias – 1/22/2022


Around the Patch – 12/7/2021
November is for Closing Down – 11/16/2021
What to do with the dahlias? – 10/16/2021
September: Prime Time for Dahlias – 9/24/2021
August is for Grooming – 8/19/2021
July is for Anticipation  –  7-21-2021
There is Still Time to Plant Dahlias – 6/4/2021
It’s planting time – 5/19/2021
Planting time is near – 4/23/2021
It’s Still Too Soon  – 3/19/2021
It’s still winter – 2/19/2021
January is for Dreaming  – 1/17/2021


Have a Dahlia Holiday – 12/10/2020
Thinking Ahead – 11/18/2020
The 2020 Season Rounds the Final Turn  10/19/2020
September’s Splendor   9/20/2020
Bloom Time (7/29/2020)
They are Up and Growing  (6/24/2020)
Planting Time  (5/16/2020)
Dahlias in the time of coronavirus  (4/14/2020)
Think Spring!  (2/27/2020)
January is for Imagining   (1/28/2020)


December (12/16/2019)
October – November (10/20/2019)
Dahlias in September  (9/24/2019)
Where are the dahlias growing?  (6/23/2019)
Spring has Sprung (4/20/2019)
Container Dahlias    (3/19/2019)
Local Societies – Backbone of the ADS  (1/28/2019)


Sugar Plums and Dahlia Tubers
Reaping the Harvest!
It’s too darn hot!
Time to Plant?
Happy New Year 2018

Autumn 2017
September thoughts from the dahlia patch
Two thoughts from the dahlia garden
Top and Tie Your Dahlias
Potted (Container) Dahlias
Hooray, dahlia season is almost here
Excerpt Second Sun Hydro