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The needs of our organization include effective promotion and illustration of dahlias. The annual photography contest  -  open to all  -  seeks to find and reward the finest photographs featuring dahlias and dahlia-related activities, such as shows, demonstration gardens, use of dahlias in the landscape, cultivation, and personalities involved in dahlia culture.

The American Dahlia Society greatly appreciates photographers' interest and will make every effort to reproduce chosen images to enhance that contribution and to give photographer credit for its permission to use their work in the ADS educational efforts. These photos may appear in future ADS Bulletins, the Grow Guide, promotional materials, mass market magazines and in our image collection. We are establishing a comprehensive index of dahlia cultivars to assist growers in identifying varieties and to help raise the profile of the dahlia as Nature's most versatile and exciting flower.

Modest cash prizes and certificates of merit are some of the rewards that winning photographers can expect. By competing, photographers also gain better understanding of technical skills and challenges facing flower portraiture. The innovative spirit of our competitors also finds an outlet in the Digital Darkroom, where creative license is granted to use artistic approaches to the image.

The ADS Photo Contest rules and forms are found here on the site and are also published in the June ADS Bulletin. Normal deadline for submission is 30 November. Results are announced in the March edition of the Bulletin.

For further inquiries, please contact the Contest Chair, Martin Král ( 206-546-9692

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