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This Week in the Garden: From a hobby to a flower stand

Santa Cruz Sentinel - Sharon Hull

Have you ever wished you could find a way to make your gardening obsession at least partially pay for itself? Read more.

It's time for gardeners to visit Alaska's nurseries

Alaska Dispatch News - Jeff Lowenfels

What a pleasure it is to walk into a nursery this time of year. The almost-forgotten smell of warmth and plants, the friendly faces of everyone you encounter and the ever-present feeling of optimism being in a nursery just after daylight saving time starts.  Read more.

School of the Seasons Website

The Dahlia, Flower of the Month for August

Visit article.

Helen Chesnut: Colourful, hardy dahlias suit every taste

Times Colonist - Helen Chesnut

Dahlias are garden gifts that keep on giving.  More.

Everybody Gardens: Dahlias draw deep dedication

TribLIVE Lifestyles - Doug Oster

Like many gardeners, Amy Krut hated the hobby as a child. Her stepmother from Hungary introduced her to gardening.  More.

Dear Dahlia, Until We Meet Again

That Bloomin' Garden - Deltagardener

I am sad to say that my dahlias are up and ready to be packed away ... read more.

The Baltimore Sun

The rolling hills of Fallston, Maryland are home to Belvedere Farm, which was established in 1823 and family owned. The farm raised sheep and grain in the 1800’s and was operated as a dairy farm from the 1920’s until 1972. The farm has been host to thousands of school children over the years along with corn mazes and pumpkin picking. They started growing cut flowers in the 1990’s ... read more.

Hamilton Dahlia Farm closing after 60 years... - Erin Dietzer

Pictures Janet Brondyke in the fields of the Hamilton Dahlia Farm. The farm was started by her father, Harvey Koop, in the late 1950s. Read more

Carolyne Roehm on Dahlias

Inside Chic - Carolyne Roehm

Style icon and design maven Carolyne Roehm has been one of America’s leading tastemakers for over four decades. With a career spanning the worlds of fashion, gardening, entertaining, and publishing, Carolyne has always sought beauty and inspiration in flowers... more

Dahlias rule: They’re the perfect summer flower

Seattle Times - Valerie Easton

WHAT IS IT about dahlias? Sure, the flowers are showy, but not a one is fragrant, and the foliage is nothing special. But at the height of summer, dahlias rule. Their abundantly petaled glory even outshines the roses. more

Evergreen State Dahlia Association to brighten Capitol campus...

Daily Reporter

The Evergreen State Dahlia Association is doing its part to brighten the state Capitol campus by planting bulbs this weekend...

The association says it will plant 20 different types of dahlias between the two outer hedges of the Sunken Garden, located between the Winged Victory Monument and the greenhouse. more

Building community is easier when we all work together

Joy in Bloom, The Wenatchee World - Linda Holmes-Cook

Dad has been gone for over eight years now, but the day never passes without greetings and love being sent skyward. It seems appropriate, as homage to the birth of my favorite dahlia guy... Read more

An autumn lullaby - Linda Holmes-Cook

As I waited for the light to change on the corner of 19th and Sunset Highway, I couldn’t help but be reminded that harvest is upon us. ...This is the time of year that so many of us spend the rest of the year preparing for — we are now rewarded for our careful and precise husbandry that we’ve applied in each of our growing venues.. Read more 

Snowflake of garden flowers

Home & Garden - The Register-Guard - Eugene, Oregon - Ellen Schlesinger

Dahlias, like roses and daylilies, tend to make fanatics out of their admirers. Read more

BG man’s dahlia blooms take top honors at national show

The Reflector - Joanna Michaud

Although Max Ollieu said he does grow a few other varieties of flowers here and there, the 75-year-old Battle Ground resident is by his own admission “pretty much a dahlia junkie."   Read more

For best results, treat Dahlia like a diva

Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Susan Silverman

When a flower is this spectacular, you know that it is a high-maintenance diva...Read article

Every Blooming Thing: Dahlias can be dangerous

For the Coming Observer - Millie Sieber

..."dangerous" because they can be addictive...Read more

Prized dahlias and a green thumb come to Sandy Springs community - Terri Hogan

Growing dahlias takes a lot of time and effort, but for Bob Goss, it has all been worth it. Goss, 89, lives in Brooke Grove Retirement Village in Sandy Spring...Read more

Funding combats ill dahlias

The Daily Evergreen - Kayla Bonar, Evergreen Reporter

In hope of eliminating multiple viruses that plague dahlias...Scheetz Chuey Charitable Foundation gave Washington State University $350,000 for research purposes.
Read article...

$350,000 donation supports dahlia virus research at WSU

WSU News - Kate Wilhite, College of Agricultural, Human & Natural Resource Sciences

A $350,000 donation from an avid dahlia grower will support Washington State University research into viruses that afflict the ornamental flower crop.  Read more...

The autumnal annual named dahlia

Adrian Higgins - The Washington Post

It's a great show flower ad a great garden flower. Read more...

Diverse dahlias are dazzlers

Lynn Hunt - The Christian Science Monitor

When you specialize in one plant, it’s easy to fall into a gardening rut. While living in Maryland, I focused on roses and plants that look good with roses. Now that I’m starting over with a new garden in western North Carolina, I’ve discovered the head-turning beauty of dahlias. Read more...

Gardener shows off his award winning dahlias


Jim Mailloux is passionate about dahlias, and his lifelong interest in this Central American native is paying off in awards at the national level. Read more...

Coverage of the National Show

See the The News Tribune's (Tacoma, WA paper) coverage of the National Show ...
click here

See The News Tribune's photo gallery from the show ... click here

Growing and storing spectacular dahlias

See what has to say ... click here

Grow with KARE: Dahlias!

The Dahlia Trial Garden at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is so gorgeous this time of year. Read more...

The Good Life (see page 10)

Linda Holmes-Cook | A Blooming Market

It took a while , but the love of dahlias planted by the father finally took root in the daughter. Read more on page 10

Joy in Bloom
The Wenatchee World

Linda Holmes-Cook | Growing a legacy is a labor of love

The odyssey on which dahlia gardeners embark each year is filled with work and wonder. Read more...

MSN Living

MSN Living highlights County Living's recommendation to visit Swan Island Dahlias in Canaby,Oregon.  More

Washington Post - Dalliance With Dahlias

Washington Post columnist Adrian Higgins tells us theat the dahlia is making a comeback. Read more...

Spring Home and Garden
The Wenatchee World

Linda Holmes-Cook says "growing dahlias is easier than most people think"  on page 4 of this magazine.  Read more...

Dahlias: Stress Relief on a Stem

I don’t remember the first time I realized what good medicine it was to walk through my dahlia garden. Oh sure, I knew how good exercise was for me, and gardening certainly provides that. We also know that there is a direct correlation between stress and overall wellness, and that being active is better than being sedentary. But therapy? Seriously?  Read more...

Joy in Bloom

Linda Holmes-Cook | Why I have a passion for dahlias

As one of eight children growing up in Snohomish County, I often felt like there was never enough of anything to go around. We dressed in homemade clothes or hand-me-downs, our shoes were mended with half-soles made out of old tires, and all eight of us were bathed every Saturday in the same tub of rapidly cooling, graying water. Read more...

Dahlia Imperialis in Bloom at the Smithsonian

Dahlia imperialis, also called the “tree dahlia,”  bloomed recently at the Smithsonian. This dahlia is a separate species from those with which most people are familiar.  Historically, in the Washington DC area, tree dahlias are killed by freezing before blooming.  However, the horticulturists at the Smithsonian Gardens have successfully achieved blooms during two of the last three years. Read more...

Growing Dahlias

There’s no rest for dahlia growers.

Some gardeners may already be in the recliner, but not Phil Rifner, who grows 600 dahlia on Camano Island.

He plants about one-third of the tall, perky flowers at his Vista Del Monte home that has a grand view, and the other two-thirds on Hanstad Road. Read more...

Beautiful blooms: Local couple takes over family business, grows exhibition dahlias

Doug Almand lives and breathes dahlias. The flower is in his blood.

Almand's great uncle, Jack Almand, began hybridizing the flower in the early 1960s in San Leandro. During his lifetime, he worked at the forefront of the American Dahlia Society, and originated 70 varieties, many of which are grown today worldwide. Read more...

Delightful dahlia event draws expert

The president of the American Dahlia Society is no stranger to San Luis Obispo County. This weekend, Kevin Larkin has scheduled another visit to participate in Morro Bay’s annual Dahlia Daze on Friday evening and Saturday.

Larkin graduated from Cal Poly, where he met his wife, Karen Zydner. Both were in agriculture studies. Read more...

Oh, how Marge loves dahlias

By TED GRIESS, Yard and Garden | Updated 4 days ago

One aspect I enjoy about my work is I never stop learning. I write my horticulture column with the purpose to help others learn, but frankly, while doing so, I’ve discovered I often learn as much or more than my readers. It all has to do with the topic. Read more...

American Dahlia Society visits Dahlia Hill; surprises founder with award

Two buses loaded with approximately 70 people from as far away as Australia made their way to Midland on Friday to visit one of the city’s most cherished destinations, Dahlia Hill. Read more...

Dahlias fill Meijer Gardens this weekend for National Dahlia Show

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park host the National Dahlia Show on this weekend with hundreds of varieties of dahlias and a special presentation by a dahlia grower from Australia.

The National Dahlia Show will be held noon to 5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 31, and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013. The show is open with free admission. Read more...

The Art of Growing Dahlias for Competition

Gordon Stach is a competitive dahlia grower. He’s not interested in growing flowers just to create a pretty garden. He grows dahlias to win ribbons and trophies. And that means he has to grow them to be as perfect as possible. Read more...

Garden west of Hamilton blooms with 300 varieties of dahlias in rainbow of colors

HAMILTON – Helen Allen estimates that she spends more than 1,000 hours every year caring for her dahlia garden, and the vast majority of that time is “tedious busy work.”

“A lot of it is not gratifying,” she said. “But when they’re blooming or I’m looking at others, that’s when it’s all worth it.” Read more...

Summer blooms: Hamilton couple grows large variety of dahlias at Kangaroo House Gardens

Helen Allen estimates that she spends more than 1,000 hours every year caring for her dahlia garden, and the vast majority of that time is “tedious busy work.”

“A lot of it is not gratifying,” she said. “But when they’re blooming or I’m looking at others, that’s when it’s all worth it.”

Helen and her husband Peter grow between 700 and 800 dahlias, of which there are at least 250 different varieties, every year at their Kangaroo House Gardens west of Hamilton. They sell the gorgeous blooms at the farmers market in late summer and fall, and in the spring and early summer they sell tubers to customers who want to try their luck at raising the colorful flowers. Read more...

Beautiful dahlias keep on giving

Dahlias are delightful additions to the garden because they keep on giving.

“Dahlias are the ‘love flower,’ because the more you cut them and give them away, the more flowers they produce,” says Becky Heath of Brent and Becky’s Bulbs in southeastern Virginia. “If for some reason the flowers die on the vine, those dead flowers need to be clipped off, which also encourages the plant to produce more.” Continue reading at The Richmond Times-Dispatch...

Summer’s Dazzling Dahlias

As summer moves into full swing, with temperatures over 100 for many sweltering days at a time, the gardener is profoundly grateful for those plants and flowers that (with a little water) can stand up to heat and refresh us just by virtue of their cheerful faces. Dahlia's rank high for me this time of year, so it seemed a good time to re-visit this piece on growing dahlias with Chico gardeners Joan Eisenberg and Brian Rea. Continue Reading at

Kiwi horticulturalists honoured in UK

New Zealanders Keith Hammett and Peter Ramsay have been honoured by Britain's Royal Horticultural Society, one of the world's leading horticultural organisations.

West Auckland dahlia breeder Hammett was among those awarded the Veitch Memorial Medal for outstanding contribution to the advancement of science, art or the practice of horticulture. Read more...

Dahlia and gladoilus society opens

By Susan Zielinski - Red Deer Advocate
Published: April 15, 2013 9:23 AM

The only dahlia trial garden in Canada will be located just south of Red Deer for hybridizers to grow new varieties of the flower starting this spring.

Members of the Alberta Dahlia and Gladiolus Society have been attending flower shows and judging courses to become certified judges of the American Dahlia Society to judge dahlias at the local trial garden. Read more...

Masterful Gardener: Dahlias' beauty requires minimum care

Masterful Gardener: Dahlias' beauty requires minimum care

I love to grow flowers that bloom profusely over a long period of time and require minimum care.

The dahlia fills these requirements.

The color choices are profuse, and the cost is low. They can be purchased at nurseries, home improvement stores or even your local grocery store. Continue reading article...

Sharon Hull, This Week in the Garden: Darlings of the garden

Is there anything more spectacular than a well-grown dahlia flower? Members of the Monterey Bay Dahlia Society don't think so, and neither do Kevin Larkin and Karen Zydner, owners of Corralitos Gardens, which specializes in dahlias.

Perhaps you saw the article on dahlias in the April issue of Sunset Magazine that included an interview with Larkin about his award-winning plants. Earlier this week, I met him at his growing grounds. Asked why he gave up his job to become a full-time commercial dahlia grower, Larkin responded with a twinkle: "It was a hobby that ran amok." Continue reading at the Santa Cruz Sentinel...

Dahlias Are A Great Spring Project

The Dalles — It's never too soon to be thinking about preparing for a garden full of colorful dahlias for late summer or fall.

These showy, long-blooming flowers come in enough choices to satisfy just about any appetite for color, size and design. Dinner plate blooms can be as big as the china they are named after, but more petite varieties may satisfy other tastes. Continue reading at the Dalles Chronicle...

Friend of 4-H Award Mr. Nick Weber & The National Capital Dahlia Society 2012

Early last year, Mr. Nick Weber contacted Back in Time 4-H to express an interest in educating 4-H youth in Montgomery County about dahlias.  He and his colleagues in the National Capital Dahlia Society (NCDS) were willing to provide free dahlia tubers, pots, soil, and instruction on how to plant, grow, prune, stake, and display dahlias.   He, Mrs. Karen Nordahl, and Mr. John Spangenberg attended our March 5 meeting where they introduced dahlias to our club.  We advertised in the 4-H News & Notes, and 40 county youth expressed an interest and attended our first major workshop on Saturday, April 14, where they each received 5 tubers, pots, soil, and instruction.  Not only did they help us jump start our dahlias for the growing season, they planted a passion for dahlias in our hearts.

The NCDS invested a significant amount financially for the tubers and materials and a considerable amount of time teaching us step-by-step how to grow award-winning dahlias.  Mr. Weber and members of the NCDS continued to meet with the group through May, June, July, August, September, and October to walk us through our first growing season.   They introduced us to the Dahlia Exhibition Garden at the Agricultural History Farm Park, and dedicated a piece of their garden to 4-H dahlia education and plants.  They gave us insider tricks of the trade, and mentored us up through the NCDS Dahlia Show at Brookside Gardens the end of September.  

Mr. Weber also contacted fair judges and met with them to reinforce the category of dahlias listed in the fair book and to educate them on dahlia society standards.  He met at the fair with 4-H kids entering their dahlias to teach them how to “stage” their dahlia for competition.  He and his organization were a phone call away when we had a question throughout the year.  

Mr. Weber’s and the National Capital Dahlia Society’s investment in Montgomery County 4-H will be ever fruitful.  We look forward to a long-standing and rewarding relationship with the National Capital Dahlia Society throughout the coming years.  They truly are a “Friend of 4-H”!

Greenhouse Grower- Varieties- Focus on Dahlia- Articles

Visit the site above for the following articles and more...

Energy-Efficient Annuals: Dahlia & Osteospermum
Discovering Dahlias
Focus on Dahlia Fertilizer

Hibernating In The Boiler Room!

There are tens of thousands of different types of Dahlias which has been made possible by the fact that the Dahlia plant has eight genes that control its appearance while most other flowers only have two. This means that you can get pretty much any Read More...

Le Rouge Et Le Noir: Where the Black Dahlia Gets Its Color

The molecular mechanisms whereby a spectrum of dahlias, from white to yellow to red to purple, get their colour are already well known, but the black dahlia has hitherto remained a mystery. Now, a study published in BioMed Central’s open-access journal  Read More...

Dahlias bloom in technicolor on farm in Sewickley

Deep in the heart of Sewickley Heights, past the horse paddocks and the old estates and the McMansions, the aptly named Alpha Dahlias farm brims with flowers as tall and strong as linebackers, with stems like iron and blossoms that explode like a Read More...

A visit with Lou Eckhoff at his Seatac Dahlia Farm

For years people have purchased blooms from Lou's roadside stand and wandered the fields to see what flowers they'd like to order - Lou runs a mail-order tuber business as well. The Seatac Dahlia Farm is located at 20020 Des Moines Memorial Drive. Read More...

PV Dahlia Grower Blossoms as President of American Dahlia Society

Kevin Larkin and Karen Zydner had a good summer. Their 31.5-acre dahlia farm, Corralitos Gardens, is aflame with late season blooms in all shapes and sizes, after a long summer of perfect dahlia growing weather.

“We didn’t have any real heat waves you know, no spikes that would kill the dahlias. You get up to 100 degrees for a couple days and that will take them out. I think we had some highs in the 90's this summer but no real spikes,” said Larkin. Read More...

Dahlia lovers put on a show

The bursts of color are on display through today at Lane Events Center

The pursuit of perfection brought both triumph and defeat to competitors on Saturday at the Lane County Dahlia Society’s annual show at the Lane Events Center

Dahlia growers vie to enter the most perfectly shaped, colored and hydrated blossom. To win, the grower needs perfect timing in the dahlia garden. The blossoms had to peak precisely on Saturday, the first day of the show — and not a day or two later. Read More...

Dahlia Hill receives $600,000 gift; Autumn Equinox Sunday

Over the years, Alden Dow has influenced thousands of individuals, including Charles Breed. It was Dow who impressed upon Breed the cultural value of Dahlia Hill to Midland.

“Alden told me that the hill was exceptional because its location represented, ‘the eye of the cultural crescent’ — starting with the Grace A. Dow Library, The Midland Center for the Arts, Dow Gardens and Emerson Park,” said Breed. “We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Alden Dow telling me to save the hill for something special.”

Now, with a $600,000 gift, Breed, 85, has assured that the world-class garden has a solid foundation for the future. Read more...

Dahlia trail leads to Jantzen Beach show

Portland is a dahlia destination for growers, hobbyists

For one colorful, heady weekend, the Rose City will become the dahlia city, as growers and enthusiasts flock to Portland for the 46th Annual American Dahlia Society National Show, on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 1 and 2, at the Red Lion Hotel on the River-Janzten Beach.

The event is significant, says Larry Smith, the vice president of the Portland Dahlia Society, because this is the first time since the 1960s the show has been in Portland, and because it will draw visitors from around the country and the world. Continue Reading...

American Dahlia Society National Show lands in Portland in 2012; Mike Riordan's plants are ready to compete

In mid-August, a few weeks into dahlia season, Mike Riordan's plants are ready to do battle. Stout stems support hundreds of flowers groomed, in part, to compete in the American Dahlia Society National Show.

Portland hosts the event Labor Day weekend, Sept. 1-2, for the first time since the 1960s. Dahlia enthusiasts will arrive from throughout the U.S., western Canada and even from England, Australia and New Zealand. In other words, it's a big deal for the Portland society. Read more...

Blooming mastermind: Secret process gives new dahlia colors a sporting chance

Spartacus is a rich dark red dahlia, but Steve Meggos has bred yellow, lavender, orange, white and bicolored flowers with it.

Meggos, who has been growing the big, exotic blooms for 30 years, has come up with nine distinct flowers based on Spartacus, which he prizes for its ball-like shape. Read more...

Locally Farmed Dahlias Make for Colorful Bouquets All Summer Long

Kevin Larkin first fell in love with dahlias in 1974. He had just graduated high school and was working at the Brown Bulb Ranch in Capitola, which at the time sold primarily begonias.

"I met a man there who was hybridizing dahlias, and that was really the first time I saw them," said Larkin. Read more...

2011 News...

Flowers for Poets

The night was unusually warm and inside the Sacred Grounds Cafe it was even warmer.  The reading was about to begin when my father’s neighbor Devi and I walked in with two huge arrangements of dahlias. Read more...

87-year-old gardener delights in giving hundreds of dahlias each week to seniors' facilitiesTwice a week

Courtenay's Lorne Millar cuts hundreds of dahlias from his back garden, separates them into bouquets, fills his car and drives them to more than a dozen different care homes and seniors' centres in the Valley. The flowers are placed in residents' rooms, common areas and at front desks to brighten the spirits of staff and lodgers alike. Read more...

Blooms abound at the Puget Sound Dahlia Association show

More than 3,000 blooms were on hand for the annual Puget Sound Dahlia Association show Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 27-28 at Kent Commons. Read more..

3,000 dahlias (and their owners) coming to Bay Area floral show

In botany's family of flowers, dahlias are the crazy cousins -- flamboyant, needy, lovable and full of surprises.

Some are eye-popping, almost gaudy, in color. Others groan under the weight of their blossoms. A few are petite, perfect and utterly desirable. Read more...

Best in show: Dahlia growers in pursuit of colorful perfection

SANTA CRUZ - Local dahlia growers are preparing to flex their flower power at the upcoming American Dahlia Society National Show held in Santa Clara Aug. 20-21. Read more...

Dahlia growers get ready for big event

Local dahlia grower Kevin Larkin is one of several Pajaro Valley residents who has been toiling in his garden in preparation for a national competition coming up later this month.

The American Dahlia Society's National Show is scheduled to take place at the Mariott Hotel in Santa Clara from Aug. 18-21. It's an annual event, but it has been held in California just once in the past 25 years, said Larkin, vice president of the Monterey Bay Dahlia Society. With the show in their neck of the woods, the four Bay Area dahlia societies are hosting it. Read more...

August gardening essentials

Bay Area summer weather is an ongoing saga. Is this the year for tomatoes and giant dahlias? Depending upon the whims of the weather, heat- and sun-loving plants may struggle or thrive well into fall. It is safest to wait a month or two until the weather cools and rain is expected to set out new landscaping plants. Heat can debilitate newly set out tender plants. If you do set out new plants, be prepared to provide them with temporary shade should the weather heat up during the first few critical days. Read more...

87th annual dahlia show this weekend at Kitsap County Fairgrounds

BREMERTON - For David and Leone Smith, growing dahlias brings more than beautiful blooms.

The couple from Chimacum has traveled far and wide and made many close friends in the 20-some years they have been involved in local dahlia societies.

It all began when the couple visited the Pacific Northwest Trail Garden at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma. They went there often. One day, they decided to add some seedlings to the garden. Read more...

Sharon Hull, This Week in the Garden: Dahlias dazzle in midsummer gardens

After five weeks away, I was anxious to see what was blooming and what was finished for the season in my cutting garden in Capitola.

I found that the roses, without regular dead-heading, had pretty much taken a break, and that the Alstroemeria Peruvian lily plantings, while still producing some flowers, consisted mostly of gone-to-seed stems which needed to be removed. Other plants demonstrated my lack of care for the past month, flopping about, needing to be staked and have spent flowers removed. But what was in full glorious bloom, vigorous, sturdy, healthy and showing vibrant color, and in fact had not needed my attention at all? The dahlias! Read more...

Westerville garden tour in bloom for 20th year

Sunday, July 10, 2011 |  By Bethany English  | THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH

Linda Laine Whimsical statues and hypertufa toadstools accent one of Linda Laine's gardens at 1115 Blue Heron Dr., part of the WesterFlora tour. Linda Laine carefully designed her gardens to delight all of the senses. Tasty blueberries, whirring hummingbirds, velvety lamb's ears and sweet-smelling honeysuckle surround visitors, inviting them to stay.

Curving along a carpet of lush green grass, flower beds boast clusters of hydrangeas, daisies, petunias, roses, begonias and hollyhocks. The half-acre Westerville yard is composed of various gardens, from one inspired by the North Woods with its pine trees to a wedding garden with its Fourth of July roses, each blossom a tiny firework of red, pink and white. Read more...

Joplin receives gift of flower bulbs in wake of tornado

By Andra Bryan Stefanoni |

JOPLIN, Mo. - Kneeling Friday morning in a small landscaped area at 15th Street and Murphy Boulevard, master gardener Chieko Hedin held up a salmon dahlia bulb and advised those around her in the proper technique for planting it.

They nodded, then got to work turning the soil with hand spades.

To passersby, it might have looked like an unusual spot to consider planting a bulb garden. Read more...

Dazzling dahlias are worth the little extra effort

Sunday, June 26, 2011  |  By Denise Trowbridge For The Columbus Dispatch

No other flower is quite like the dahlia.

Every summer, its blooms burst forth like little fireworks in colors from bright yellow, white and pink to deep reds and purples.

But it's a plant with a bad reputation. Dahlias require diligence and work, which can be in short supply in generally overscheduled modern lives. The tender tuber must be dug up in fall and stored to survive the central Ohio winter. Some need to be staked, tied or pinched. Read more...


Heat-tolerant dahlias can thrive in this area

By Sandy Hodson, Columnist, Augusta Chronicle, Feb. 10, 2011

The bulb catalog came this week, one of those with pictures of flowers so gorgeous you could cut out the photographs and frame them. Then, mid-drool, you think, how many times do you have to fail to know that some things can't be grown in our area?

The bulb catalog came this week, one of those with pictures of flowers so gorgeous you could cut out the photographs and frame them. Then, mid-drool, you think, how many times do you have to fail to know that some things can't be grown in our area? Read more...

Save dahlias and other tender bulbs to plant again next year

Doug Oster, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Saturday, November 06, 2010

Even though the morning garden is covered with a blanket of frost, the season isn't over. Below the ground are tender bulbs that can be carefully dug and saved over the winter.

Geraniums, tuberous begonias, cannas, caladiums, gladiolus and dahlias are just some of the plants that can be packed away until spring. Read more...

Fall gardening part 5: Storing dahlias for winter

Steve Whysall, Vancouver Sun, October 29th, 2010

Dahlias are dazzlingly beautiful flowers that bloom from the middle to the end of summer.

Plants grow from tubers that are planted in the spring. But these tubers are sensitive to frost and need to be lifted from the ground every fall and stored in a frost-free place over winter. Read more...

Advantages of microclimates

Duncan Kelbaugh, The Telegraph Journal, Tuesday October 19th, 2010

This scenic fall view across Judy and Bill Whalen's dahlia patch toward the Kingston Peninsula illustrates a phenomenon of great significance to gardeners: microclimate. Read more...

You think dahlias are too difficult? Try this variety

Betty Montgomery, For the Herald-Journal, Friday, October 15, 2010

Filling those dead spots in a late summer garden can be a challenge. Some would say growing dahlias can be a challenge too. Well, I have found a low-, if not a no-maintenance dahlia that will knock your socks off with its red, velvety flower and dark, majestic foliage. Read more...

Garden Faerie: Dahlias add great fall color to your garden

Monica Milla, Community Contributor,, Oct 12, 2010 at 3:01 PM

Dahlias are some of my favorite late-season bloomers. The flowers come in many colors, forms, and sizes (from 10 inches to 6 feet tall). Read more...

Home & Garden Q&A

McClatchey-Tribune News Service, Posted Oct 08, 2010 @ 11:00 PM

I have Purple Gem and White Star dahlias blooming. When I cut the flowers, they die within a day or two. Read more...

Picture This :: Hello Dahlia

Kevin Fujii, Seattle Times, October 8, 2010 at 5:00 AM

Putting a bee in the center of attention is nothing new for Colin Walker - his fixation on bugs landing on dahlias is well-documented. So it was not unexpected that the large cover shot in today's Times (NW Section) featured a closeup of both, along with a short, but insightful, caption noting the Walkers' involvement with the Bellevue Botanical Garden (and mentioning the PSDA). What WAS unexpected, though, in the display of Kelsey Kristi was the photographer byline: the exquisite photo was attributed to Greg Gilbert, the Times' veteran prize-winning photographer. Did Colin advise him how to take a dahlia closeup? View post at the Seattle Times...

Why they're dahlias, dahlink, dahlias

By Lauren Heaton, Yellow Springs News, Online Edition, Published: September 24, 2010

Several Yellow Springers devoted themselves to their dahlia patches this year and produced some breathtaking flowers. Even if these dahlias didn't win ribbons, they certainly won hearts. Read more...

Idea blooms into full-time business