North American Dahlia Society

Dahlia Resources

The American Dahlia Society is comprised of several thousand enthusiastic gardeners from all over North America. While all of their activities are 100% voluntary, they generate and support many powerful resources for dahlia growers. The links at the right summarize a number of those resources.

ADS Classification Guide - The online guide is one of the most popular areas on this website. It provides opportunities to see pictures of many dahlia cultivars and to investigate the classification information of the cultivars. It is a very powerful data base to find, observe, and study dahlias! 

As a benefit of membership, ADS members receive an annual booklet, "Classification and Handbook of Dahlias" that includes all of the classification information as well as other pertinent ADS information.

Four Digit Classification - In 2011, the ADS changed from a three digit classification numbering system to a more flexible four digit system. This resource provides the "ADS Dahlia Classification and Number Guide".

Virus Research w/ WSU - is a research project underway at Washington State University (WSU). The project is expanding the state of the art in our knowledge of virus in dahlias. This link organizes our information regarding virus in dahlias.

Species Dahlias - Learn about wild dahlias.

ADS Trial Gardens - The ADS sponsors a number of Trial Gardens across the United States and Canada.  They are designed (1) to allow dahlia originators a way to rigorously evaluate and promote their new cultivars and (2) to provide dahlia growers a way to know the quality and the classification of new introductions.  This link provides a listing of the Trial Gardens, their entry requirements, and the entry form for submitting new cultivars.

Media - This resource provides links to press releases.

Bulletin Advertisers - Dahlia Suppliers - lists the advertisers in our quarterly Bulletin that may be patronized by ADS members to acquire dahlia tubers and other dahlia-related materials. However, the ADS does not warrant the quality of any transactions between you and the suppliers.

Business Partner Program- The ADS has established a program that provides opportunities for small and large businesses to support the core mission of the ADS as well as to enhance their visibility to ADS members. Obtain information regarding this program from this resource.

Use of the ADS Logo - The logo is available for use by dahlia suppliers under certain specific conditions. This resource provides information regarding the logo's use.


The following links provide reference/result lists.

Seedling Bench - Most local dahlia shows include an ADS-sponsored Seedling Bench Evaluation in which an entry of three blooms of a new cultivar are rigorously evaluated. This link lists the 2015 Seedling Bench results.

National/Regional Shows - a list of future ADS National Shows and future Regional Shows.

Fabulous Fifty- is a list of dahlias that have been the most successful winners in the previous season's shows. These cultivars have received at least 50 blue and higher awards in sanctioned ADS dahlia shows throughout the United States and Canada.

Cream of the Crop -lists the most successful dahlias for each size, color, and form. It shows all of the cultivars reported from the dahlia shows around the United States and Canada that have received at least 15 combined blue and higher awards.

Weland's Big List - This is an external link to a extensive listing of over 50,000 dahlia cultivars, compiled by Gerald Weland. This list includes many old dahlias not listed elsewhere.