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Handbook of Dahlias

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We would like to thank Andrew Miller who built this classification guide for the American Dahlia Society. We would also like to thank everyone who has contributed their images to the collection. We regret that we are unable to track credits for individual images.

Submitting Your Photographs for the Online Classification Guide

The ADS is anxious to have photographs of the cultivars that currently lack photos. Most new cultivars fall in that category inasmuch as the Online Guide was not updated from 2008 through 2013. If you are the originator or the introducer of cultivars that don’t have photos in the current Guide, please send them to us. Please follow these instructions exactly in order to ensure that we can use them in the guide.

  1. Crop your image to emphasize a single bloom of the cultivar.
  2. Resize the image so that it is smaller than about 50 kbytes (very small!) and 640 pixels wide.
  3. Name the image as the name of the cultivar in exactly the following format: MY_FAVORITE_CULTIVAR.jpg. For example, HAMARI_ACCORD.jpg or ELVIRA.jpg. Note the upper case letters for the cultivar, the _ replacing the space in a compound name, and the lower case letters in jpg.
  4. Email your pictures as attachments to You may include as many cultivars as you like in the email, although ten might be a reasonable maximum for any given email.
  5. If you are neither the originator nor the introducer of a cultivar missing a photo in the guide and you have an excellent picture of one, follow exactly the same procedure but send your photo to
Click here to find additional details on how to edit photos using Microsoft's Windows Live Photo Guide.

We will compile the pictures and upload them to the system periodically depending on how quickly they accumulate in the files.

Please note that by virtue of sending the photograph to ADS, you are representing that (i) you are the individual who took the photo, (ii) the photo is original, (iii) unless you advise us otherwise, the photo hasn’t been published elsewhere, (iv) you own the copyright in the photo (and that there aren’t any liens or other clouds on the title to the copyright in the photo), and (v) we don’t need any other permissions in order for us to use the photo. Further, by sending the photo to us, you are granting to ADS at the time of submission the transferable, irrevocable, sublicensable, royalty-free, perpetual, nonexclusive and worldwide license and right to use, modify, distribute, display, and create derivative works of the picture in all forms of media now known or later developed in connection with ADS’s publications (whether print or electronic) and for such other purposes as ADS deems appropriate. We have, however, no current plan to use the photographs in any other way than in the Classification Guide. You waive the opportunity to inspect or approve any materials that we create that incorporate the photo, as well as any rights to royalties or other compensation for its use.

Here is a list of the Varieties that do not have photos online.

Here is a list of the Varieties that do have photos online.

We look forward to your contributions.

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